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Do You Really Want To Be A Midwife

The secret life of a midwife 

I know the title may seem misleading but I want to give you the #real honest truth about being a midwife. I want to invite you on a journey of highs and lows. The #real midwifery, not the fluffy kind lol.

I get so many young women come up to me and say 'I would love to do your job' or ' I want to be a midwife'. With popular shows like 'Call the Midwife' (which I absolutely love and chummy is my favourite character) along with shows like 'One Born Every Minute' people believe it's a dream job, all about delivering babies.  I can't help but ask a genuine question 'Why?', why would you want to come into a profession where we are understaffed? Going through financial cuts? A place where you work 12 hour shifts or more in one day or night? A job where you work three nights straight and don't get to see your family for four days. The enormous responsibility you have over two people; mother and baby ( or even more if we include twin and triplet pregnancies and deliveries). Especially starting as a naive 21 year old (now 22). The overwhelming feeling when you get two high risk patients and need to keep your documentation on top of things. Shifts where it's so busy no one gets a break and we end up eating cake at the midwives station as this is the only time we have. (Yes we love cake and that's the reason why so don't judge). The list could go on. 

But on the flip side my heart leaps with joy as people express their desire to embark on a journey where you are the first to welcome a newborn into the world. A journey where you provide support and encouragement to women and their families in a crucial time of their life.  A journey where you meet an array of strong, powerful and intelligent colleagues. Where you empower women to make their own birth choices. A profession where your skills grow and grow, and never stops. It's a really beautiful profession and again the list can go on. 

So what am I really saying here?

Midwifery is a journey and I want to take you along my ongoing journey. 


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