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My Vision

This vision will come to pass no matter how long it takes

So after hearing part of my ongoing journey I want to share briefly what my vision and plan is for 'AllBirths'.

I always feel privileged looking after and welcoming newborns into the world. Many women and their families state they receive good care during labour. However there are women who feel that more can be done to our maternity services to help aid in exceptional care. 

So what did I do?

I did a little research as to how I can improve maternity services. Initially I thought I was just one person and couldn't make a change. But a profound quote by Robert Hayden made me realise that my difference can reach someone and change their life.  So how many lives will we change if you make a difference.  - ' I believe it's true that one person can make a difference. But how much more difference 100 people make, or rather 99.' 

So I've listed the complaints below in no particular order. 

  1. Young mums felt as though midwives looked down on them during their pregnancy and in labour. 

  2. Women felt as though they weren't getting enough time with their community midwife.

  3. Women don't tend to understand many things like the  IOL process, importance of feeding their baby at regular intervals, the likelihood of postnatal baby blues or postnatal depression, relevant numbers to call when in need etc.

  4. Midwives are being rushed on maternity wards which means they don't have time for these women. 

  5. Lack of staffing on maternity wards. 

All Births is an upcoming brand that I know is going to high places. 

Our Instagram page is an online platform that provides evidence based information around facts, tips and health and advice during the childbirth continuum and the postnatal period. Many women experience different types of births and it is important to appreciate and facilitate this. So in saying that I also hope to one day facilitate my own antenatal (AN) and postnatal (PN) classes for women; in surrounding areas, vulnerable women and women who require more understanding surrounding their pregnancy. There will be many things included in this vision such as hamper packs and detailed blogposts catered to pregnant mummies and yummy mummies. 

You're probably asking me why I've shared my vision with you. I am wondering why myself, every since I've grown up I've been told to keep things to myself which I've always done and end up surprising everyone with a new car or a new hairdo lol. But this time I am sharing this to be accountable to you (whoever is reading this). This vision will come to pass no matter how long it takes. 

Just wait on it Jadesola Oginni 


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