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My Postpartum Hair Loss

May 2017

In the normal cycle of hair growth, some hair is lost every day. However somewhere between 40-50% of women experience Telogen Effluvium (thinning and shedding of hair) during the postnatal period. Most women will return to their usual hair growth cycle between 6 and 12 months after birth. We teamed up with the amazing Dara on her journey through postpartum hair shedding.  


1. At what gestation in pregnancy did you experience hair loss/ Or at what week or month postpartum did you experience hair loss?

I experienced shedding post-natal around 4 months after giving birth.

2. Did you experience this with your first pregnancy?

I didn’t experience any hair loss or shedding at all with my first pregnancy.

3. Are you natural/relaxed/permed currently?

My hair is fully natural for the past 5 years

4. What was your hair state in pregnancy if this is different?

During both first and second pregnancies, my hair was quite full and glossy.

5. How long did the shedding last for?

Shedding lasted about a month- most was one HUGE clump as in my whole hairline, after that is was much smaller amounts every time I combed it throughout that month.

6. Are you still experiencing shedding? If so how many months postpartum are you now?

My hair is no longer shedding and has filled back out since the day my hairline departed lol

September 2017

7. Did you experience shedding / hair loss around your temples?

My shedding was the whole hairline, it almost evenly fell out.

May 2017

8. How frequently did your hair shed? (Daily/weekly/monthly)

As it was across a month, I would say monthly as I didn’t comb my hair daily as I had it in cornrows to avoid constant tampering

9. What hairstyles did you start doing because of this?

There weren’t any new styles I started doing, I just ensured I gave my hair more air than usual and stopped wearing my wigs as much and opted for cornrows or loosely tied in a bun.

10. Did you wear weaves/wigs during this time?

I did sometimes, but a lot less than I normally would.

11. Did your hair still grow through the shedding or was it stagnant?

My hair still grew in length throughout the shedding, the front thickness had greatly reduced though.

12. Did you get much information from your midwives and GP about hair loss postnatally?

They probably did advise me on hair care amongst vitamin advice, but nothing that I can remember as significant advice.

13. Hair thinning can be hereditary, is there a family history of postnatal hair shedding within your family?

No, nothing hereditary that I am aware of.

14. How did that effect your emotional well-being and self-esteem?

When it first happened, it was a shock to see so much hair come out, but it didn’t affect my emotional well-being or self-esteem. In fact, I shared the moment on my snapchat and made quite a few jokes about it. I shared the journey instead and still wore my hair out, patchy and all! I still loved me as did my husband even though his initial response was to say, ‘my chest’ when I sent him an image of my hairline LOL.


1. What shampoo do you use?

It varies, but I tend to swap between Nexxus, ORS and Shea moisture.

2. What conditioner do you use?

Nexxus conditioner or ORS.

3. What oils do you do?

I like to use coconut and castor oil. I highly recommend in fact!

4. Describe your postnatal hair regime?

I don’t have a regime so to speak, I just make sure my hair is kept moist always!! Never tight in plaits or hairbands and refrain from using excess heat. Over the course of 6 months I’ve probably used a blow dryer or straighteners twice.

August 2017


Q. What's one advice you would give to a mother who is going through hair loss either in pregnancy or postnatally?

Embrace it! Stay calm, as in DON'T STRESS or shy away from it by covering your hair with wigs or weaves because it can put more pressure on the scalp and cause breakage or more shedding. Keep your hair moist and let the fresh hair become besties with your scalp lol. Also massage the areas affected with castor oil! It truly does wonders.


Instagram: @beingdara

Twitter: @beingdara

Facebook: Dara Ola


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