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My Breastfeeding Journey


Smiles n Drools

1. Did you breastfeed your daughter within the golden hour (first hour of birth).

If no why not?

I didn't breastfeed my daughter in the golden hour like I wanted to as after I gave birth, I was taken into theatre to get stitches for 3rd degree tear.

2. Did you find breastfeeding easy or difficult post delivery?

Post delivery breastfeeding was difficult as my daughter was quite small so finding the right position to get a good latch was difficult. In order to combat this I hand expressed the colostrum and gave it to her in a syringe.

3. Did you receive any help, support and encouragement from the midwives or healthcare professional in the hospital or at home?

In the hospital we stayed for 3 days as her sugar levels were low. I had a very good midwife who showed me the football hold position which was perfect for nursing my petite daughter. It enabled my daughter to get a good deep latch and helped her breastfeed well. 

At home our health visitor was very helpful, she visited us 3 times at home were she checked my stitches from my 3rd degree tear were healing well. Also to check baby was gaining weight at a nice and steady rate.

4. At what gestation did you plan to breastfeed?

As soon as I found out I was pregnant so about 3 weeks gestation I decided that I was going to breastfeed. My husband is very health conscious and very big on natural things so he did a lot of research prior so I was well informed. 

5. In the first few weeks baby's tend to feed on demand. How did you cope adjusting to this routine? 

Well I had a lot of support from my family so coping with the feeding on demand routine went well. My mum would bath my daughter so I could rest during that time. My mum also cooked me breakfast, lunch and dinner to keep my energy up. My husband took holiday as well as  paternity leave and he did most nappy changes. With them helping with all the other parts of my journey I was able to rest between the on demand feeding and not be too drained.

6. Did you experience sore nipples, mastitis or anything related to this? If yes how did you overcome this?

I experience sore nipples a lot during the first few months of breastfeeding and used nipple cream and my own breastmilk to help heal sore nipples. I also made sure that my tops and bra were not too tight because I noticed when I hadn't nursed for a few hours my breast would double in size when they filled up with milk. As my daughter began teething I would get sort nipples from her rubbing her hard gums on my nipples, so I got her teething jewellery which helped ease her pain and in turn helped my sore nipples.

7. Are you public with breastfeeding?

- Currently in the U.K. many individuals have mixed reviews on public breastfeeding. 

If yes, what's the worst experience you have had from people when seen breastfeeding?

Yes I am public breastfeeding and enjoy it, I think the worst experience I have had is just people staring and looking and shaking their head. As I am very confident with public breastfeeding and know my rights I think it helps others around me not view it as a negative. 

8. Are you still breastfeeding your daughter? If yes, how long will you continue to?

I am currently still breastfeeding my daughter and she is 14 months. I'm not sure how long I will continue, I don't plan on impromptu stopping as it's what she wants and needs so I will just follow my body and hers till she's ready to wean herself.  

9. What are the advantages of breastfeeding for you?

For me personally I love the bond breastfeeding has created for us. 

Breastfeeding doesn't only stop as a source of food but it is used for comfort also. I find that if my daughter is upset, in pain etc breastfeeding comforts her. I also find that breastfeeding is convenient; I never have to prepare anything if I'm going out with my daughter and I know that it's always accessible. Lastly another advantage of breastfeeding is that it's cost effective! It doesn't cost me anything to breastfeed her which is very beneficial when the cost for baby things are so expensive.

10. What are the disadvantages of breastfeeding for you?

My one big disadvantage of breastfeeding for me is that I have to think about the practicality of the tops/dresses that I wear. Ensuring that my daughter always has easy access to her liquid gold. Another disadvantage is that I have to maintain a really good eating regime so no quick fad diet for me in hope of shifting the extra pounds.

11. What's the one advice you'd give to a new mother breastfeeding?

My one piece of advice for a new mother breastfeeding would be, trust your body and on your worst day never doubt yourself.


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